2019 Summer Institute

All registrations received by July 15th will receive a complimentary 1-day hot springs pass.  Recieve a 5% discount for signing up for 2 days and a 10% discount for signing up for 3 days.  Click here or scroll to the bottom of the page for additional information on the venue & lodging options.

August 8th - Beyond the Dice: Board Games in Play Therapy

$125 Registration Fee

6 CE Hours 


9:00-12:00 Workshop

12:00-1:30 Lunch

(on your own)

1:30-4:30 Workshop

Readily available on store shelves, traditional board games are a valuable play therapy tool.  Board games facilitate skills of turn taking, sharing, and good sportsmanship.  They are also a helpful way to develop rapport with play therapy clients.  Adapted appropriately, board games can be helpful in targeting specific emotions, situations, and behaviors.  This workshop will expand the participant’s understanding of how to use board games in both directive and non-directive play therapy interventions.  

Taught by Steph Hecker, LCSW, RPT-S

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate 3 strategies for adapting games for use in play therapy.

  2. Compare & contrast directive use of board games with non-directive us of board games in play therapy.

  3. Describe the set-up of board game play to assist caregiver’s understanding of play therapy.

  4. Identify ways board games can be used when working with families of play therapy clients.

  5. List 2 therapeutic board game interventions for use in treating anxiety in play therapy clients.

  6. Observe play therapy client’s play of board games to inform treatment planning.

August 9th - "B.R.A.V.I.N.G." the Play Therapy Process: Boundaries that Heal

$145 Registration Fee

7 CE Hours 


9:00-12:00 Workshop

12:00-1:30 Lunch

(on your own)

1:30-5:30 Workshop

Boundaries are the cornerstone of an ethical play therapy practice; yet continue to be the number one cause of licensing complaints in Montana.  How does a play therapist maintain boundaries while also nurturing an authentic relationship with their client?  Boundaries are also a crucial clinical skill, but often difficult to implement.  How and when should a play therapist set boundaries during sessions?  This workshop will examine the role of boundaries both in and out of the playroom to facilitate ethical and effective treatment of play therapy clients. 

Taught by Crystal Amundson, LCPC, RPT-S 

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify 1 or 2 core values that drive their play therapy practice & describe how practicing within these values improves their clinical practice.

  2. List the 7 elements of trust found in Brene Brown’s research.  

  3. Apply the concept of “living B-I-G” to their play therapy practice & explain how this application decreases risk of burn-out as a play therapist.

  4. Compare the differences between boundary crossings and boundary violations that are often the subject of play therapy cases.

  5. Describe how to locate APT’s “Paper on Touch” & demonstrate use of the document with a play therapy case study.  

  6. Compare the use of limits from 3 different play therapy theories.

  7. Implement 5 play therapy interventions to create boundaries in the course of a play therapy session.

August 10th - From Underdog to Alpha: Using Play Therapy to Foster Resilience

$125 Registration Fee

6 CE Hours 


9:00-12:00 Workshop

12:00-1:30 Lunch

(on your own)

1:30-4:30 Workshop

The long-term consequences of trauma and mental illness are well documented and devastating.  But emerging research is illuminating the flip side of the coin: individuals who experience hardship have the potential to come out the other side more resilient.  Play therapists are in a unique position to foster this resilience. This workshop will equip play therapists to empower the underdog to lead the pack.  Research on resilience will be translated into play therapy theory and intervention. 

Taught by Crystal Amundson, LCPC, RPT-S

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. List Seligman’s “3 Ps” that hinder resilience and why play therapy clients are particularly vulnerable.

  2. Identify 4 myths of vulnerability and explain how they impede the play therapy process.

  3. Describe how play therapy can nurture the 5 forms of post-traumatic growth.

  4. Analyze play therapy client experiences as assets rather than as limitations using the concept of desirable difficulty.

  5. Explain the connection between resilience and the gratitude and self-compassion practices of play therapy clients.

  6. Implement 10 play therapy interventions that foster resilience in play therapy clients.

Discount Info

Register before July 15th to receive a complimentary 1-day hot springs pass.  Receive 5% or 10% off by attending multiple days. Discounts applied during registration. 

Venue Info

All workshops will take place at the Broadwater Hot Springs, located at 4920 West Highway 12, Helena, MT 59601.  Click below to learn more about the site. 

Lodging Info

There are several options close to the venue, along with the opportunity to find a roommate.  Click below to learn more.  

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There are several options options for lunch during the event.  Click below to learn more.

1220 Avenue C, Suite C

Billings, MT 59102

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