Welcome to the Online Office!

Hi Everyone!

I've been thinking a lot about how to balance physical safety with mental health as our community begins to deal with COVID-19.  

  • I have been providing therapy online for years & will offer play therapy sessions this way as well when needed. 

  • I have limited play materials, regularly disinfect, and require handwashing in & out of session.  Both myself and clients are required to wear masks during the session.  

  • I will cancel or change to online therapy if I have cold symptoms.  I ask that you please do the same.  While many populations are lower risk, I have family members and clients who could get very, very sick if exposed to COVID-19.

  • Connection is so, so important during scary and uncertain times.  Please reach out if you need help. But most of all, be gentle with yourself and your kids.  We don't have to know the plan or the answers to show up for one another. 

Breathe, Play, & Rest-

Crystal Amundson, LCPC, RPT-S, CDWF