SuperVision with Perspectacles:

Supervision of Play Therapy

$35 Course Materials

(DVD & handouts, does not include CEs)

$15 CE Package

(post-test & CE certificate)

Calling all supervisors!  Join us for a course designed to harness your powers into doing good and avoiding harm.  This workshop will cover fundamentals of supervision, while also using experiential activities to fine-tune skills of seasoned supervisors.  This DVD comes with handouts and activities for participants to complete as a part of the course.  Legal considerations are specific to the state of Montana.  Meets Montana Board of Behavioral Health Requirements.  Does not qualify for CE hours through APT.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will learn about legal considerations as defined in Montana Code involved in providing play therapy supervision.

  2. Participants will increase awareness of ethical supervisory practices as defined by their individual Code of Ethics. 

  3. Participants will practice 4 different models of play therapy supervision. 

  4. Participants will learn several creative interventions for enhancing play therapy supervision.

  5. Participants will process the characteristic of healthy supervisor/supervisee relationships, including awareness of transference and counter-transference.

  6. Participants will explore how to culturally aware and inclusive in their play therapy supervision.


Course Outline:

Section 1: 90 Minutes

  • Defining play therapy supervision.

  • Exploring the impact and importance of quality clinical supervision.

  • Exploring our Origin Stories, Superpowers & Kryptonite

What do we bring to the supervisory relationship?  Explore personal limits/triggers and strengths that impact functioning as a supervisor.  Explore what research says on qualities of effective supervisors. 


Section 2: 90 Minutes

  • Discuss legal considerations as set by Montana Code.  

  • Learn how to identify and prevent malpractice. 

  • Learn and practice 4 different models of supervision.   


Section 3: 90 Minutes

  • Learn how to identify and address resistance

  • Assess and engage adult learning styles

  • Incorporate culturally inclusive practices into your clinical supervision.  

  • Explore how common psychological dynamics sometimes present in the supervisory relationship. 


Section 4: 90 Minutes

  • Explore ethical considerations associated with providing supervision and practice with case studies.  

  • Practice incorporating play therapy interventions into clinical supervision.

  • Demonstrate mastery of concepts by taking exam.